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India is one of the poorest countries but a huge wastage of technical education takes place because of the jealousy, ego and hatred of powerful officials. There are a number of aspects to this wastage
1. resources are spent teaching and training the best in the country, after a very rigorous selection process.
2. the same person is subjected to identity theft, with a mediocre fraud given fake references, to appoint her to important positions in the government, wasting tax payer money.
3. though the identity thief has fake references, he or she does not have the qualifications, experience or work ethic, so the government actually wastes money on a mediocre fraud. The output and productivity of the fraud will be actually directly proportional to the actual qualifications of the mediocre cheater identity thief,
4. the trained qualified engineer will be denied opportunities due to theft of correspondence by the mediocre cheater identity thief, and will have to do work which is much below his or her capacity, effectively wasting all the resources spent training her,
If the people in charge were more patriotic, honest, did not have a huge ego, many of the above problems would not take place.
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