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Most engineers,especially those who have worked very hard for their technical degree and experience, think that these cannot be stolen or taken away from them. However, a little known fact about tech study in india is how extremely powerful officials with an engineering degree can give fake references of qualification and experience to their mediocre, lazy liar girlfriends to deny a position which their classmate deserves, out of hatred, jealousy and casteism.

The below fraudulent appointments are based on the experience of an experienced engineer and webmaster, allegedly important positions in Indian intelligence agencies, like NTRO, CBI, military intelligence, RAW and IB are given exclusively on the basis of references. There are no checks in place to even verify the references, a powerful official can allegedly claim that his young girlfriend in her early twenties, has twenty years experience, which is not even possible, and no one will even verify the information.

Powerful officials are aware of the system, and people, especially women whose friends and relatives are aware of the loophole in the system, will often manipulate the system to get permanent government jobs for their mediocre, lazy cheater relatives and friends at the expense of a very deserving person, who gets nothing. We will document the modus operandi of at least four women who lied and cheated their way to lucrative government job, without having the relevant technical education they claimed to have. It appears that no action will be ever taken against these cheater women, who enjoy great powers and can waste tax payer money

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