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One of the most difficult thing to deal with for a single woman engineer is the hatred of the engineering college classmates. These are very cunning men holding extremely senior positions with great powers, who will never admit openly that they hate a vulnerable woman and want to destroy her life.

This would lead to open scrutiny of all their actions, as taken by the enemy of a person, which would have to be justified. There are some in other departments , who hate her openly, and show their hatred. The actions of these people are naturally discounted as a person who is an enemy.

Instead these powerful men will instead fake concern for the woman, claiming that they want the best for her, when actually they want to destroy her life. This allows them to get a double benefit
1.they can steal all the privileges which she would have otherwise got and give to their undeserving lazy young cheater girlfriends, to ensure that she gets nothing. For example they can fraudulently claim that their various mediocre girlfriends have her qualification, experience, to appoint them to permanent government jobs at the expense of their classmate,
2. people will believe that they are really concerned about her.
3. it allows them to take action like stalking her by faking concern, which would be otherwise punished,
4, steal and waste her retirement savings without being questioned

Their extreme hatred for a harmless single woman leads them to falsely accuse their classmate without any proof, defame her as an uneducated person and humiliate her at every opportunity, often wasting indian tax payer money for personal purposes without being questioned .

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