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The indian internet sector has developed one of the most unique ways of wasting technical knowledge and skills. Any person who earns a passive income from exports will be humiliated and insulted as an uneducated person, subjected to the most brutal human rights abuses by dishonest powerful men, with massive egos who cannot accept that a person knows something which they do not know, wasting tax payer money.The SHAMELESS LIAR sex,money, job bribe taking ntro employees freelancing or google, tata are involved in a major BANKING FRAUD from 2010, falsely saying that their lazy greedy sex worker, fraud housewife and other cheater friends,and relatives own the bank, paypal account, domain names, websites of the google competitor, domain investor,to get all these google, tata sponsored goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds R&AW/cbi jobs with fake resumes, fake online work, at the expense of the real domain investor/.

They will defame the person as an ignorant fool, to hide their own massive inferiority complex,that they actually are the ignorant fools who know nothing, but have massive egos that refuse to acknowledge merit and knowledge. If the person is doing something which can be easily replicated, then why don't they do it themselves, earn revenue from exports themselves, instead of falsely claiming that their lazy cheater girlfriends own the business, and are responsible for export revenues. India has a very large number of unemployed educated persons who would welcome any opportunity to earn a income.

Why spend more than 4 years trying to take over a business wasting tax payer money if the business owner is so mediocre, that he or she is considered uneducated ? Are all the uneducated persons in india subjected to surveillance to force them to join some of the largest companies in the world? Do some of the largest companies in the world want to work with uneducated persons in India? No they want to work with an experienced person, who knows more than most other people,

If a person is extraordinarily brilliant in the tech sector, why do powerful officials in indian intelligence agencies refuse to acknowledge merit, give the person a fair deal, always look for an opportunity to humiliate and insult her, defaming her as an uneducated fool? why is every lazy liar who cheats,stalks and betrays her, rewarded with a permanent government job, with fake references of her experience, qualifications and investment. Why is there no review of the lack of professionalism, when the jealousy, casteism, hatred of powerful officials is allowed to affect their judgement in a negative way

Why do powerful officials in the indian internet sector have such a negative attitude towards experience, knowledge and merit, and openly promote fraud,sex trade,extortion, mediocrity,lies and cheating.

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