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Most private sector organizations in India will insist that the person reveals their real educational qualification and experience, since the remuneration paid to the person will depend on the qualifications and experience. The career path of the person will also depend on the technical education of the person. Colleges which have very stringent admission criteria are usually given preference, as students are very hard working, disciplined, honest and are quick to understand new concepts and ideas.

Usually they have a system in place, to verify the qualifications and education of the person who they are appointing, to ensure that they are not overpaying a person, for experience he or she does not have. If a person has been found faking qualifications,experience they are usually asked to resign, or are sacked from their position as integrity is an important quality for an employee in most organization.

The company wants people who are hard working, who can contribute to the profit, hence they will have systems in place, to ensure that qualifications and experience are not fake. Most of the largest companies in India in terms of turnover, especially professionally managed companies, will ensure that their employees really have the qualification and experience, which they claim to have.

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