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Conventionally the educational qualifications of a woman are defined by her actual degrees, what she studied. However, in the internet sectorm, if a woman is glamorous and well connected, extremely powerful officials will fraudulently claim that she was their classmate in college, though she would have never got admission to the college, with a tough entrance exam.

They will give the young lazy liar cheater fraud great powers at the expense of their real classmate who they are jealous of, hate and want to destroy her life. Thus woman in the internet sector in India are treated as second class citizens, defined not by their actual qualifications,knowledge, skills, experience, which every professional but their relationship with powerful men, who are liberal in giving fake references of experience to every woman they are infatuated with or whose relative falsely claims will steal the identity of the single woman

The real engineering college classmate will be subjected to the most terrible human rights abuses by her cruel jealous male classmates, who will even divert all her phone calls,smses, correspondence to the glamorous liar who they fraudulently claim to have studied with them in college, making it difficult for the single woman engineer, their real classmate to even earn a living,

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